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6-Day U.S. Intensive with Imelda Almqvist
March 12 – March 17, 2019
Cherry Hill, New Jersey area

Based on her groundbreaking book:Natural Born Shamans – A Spiritual Toolkit for Life 


In this time of increasing isolation, polarity, cynicism and environmental catastrophe in our world, how can we prepare our children to be thriving, life-affirming citizens of their communities and of Earth herself?  How can we help them remain compassionate and creatively themselves in the face of bullying, peer pressure and fear of gun violence, among the many other daily challenges that young people now face?

Natural Born Shamans – The Course is for parents, grandparents, educators, healers, and practitioners who want to support children in making their lives and communities sustainable, compassionate and meaningful.

Join us for this intensive training in which Imelda will present her tried and tested techniques for working with children and teenagers including:

  • working shamanically with children on an individual basis and how that differs from working with adults

  • what group and community work with young people provide that one-on-one sessions do not

  • working with children who have died, how these “spirit children” impact families and ancestral fields, and creatively working to bring the  healing needed

  • participants are encouraged to bring their experiences, questions, and challenges in working with children for insight and guidance.

This workshop is open to shamanic practitioners.  It is non-residential, and meals and lodging are not included.  The cost is $675.00. For a course syllabus and registration information, please contact Susan Rossi at msrossi@comcast.net or go here.
Natural Born Shamans – A Spiritual Toolkit for Life is required reading for this course and is available from Amazon here or by ordering at your local bookstore.

   You are welcome to join Imelda’s Facebook communities dedicated to working shamanically with young people at Global Grid of Spiritual Practitioners for Young People and Natural Born Shamans.


“No one who has helped create a funeral for a deceased family pet doubts that children have inherent spirituality…small incidents of profound wonder and startling insights…Imelda Almqvist’s shamanic work with children dives straight into the heart of that place of wonder, and supports the rich experiential connections that children already have with nature’s spiritual heartbeat. This is work that can help each young being learn to trust him or herself and to better step into the world at large, with imagination, creativity and self-worth intact.”

– Reno Shesso, author


“To re-introduce our children, teens and young adults to how to live a healthy way of life on all levels is a desire for many parents and also our responsibility as a community…We need to re-introduce our children to spiritual principles that will help to empower them and lead them into living a fulfilled life that contributes to the whole. Imelda Almqvist is so passionate about providing tools for parents and teachers who are seeking ways to heal many of the issues that our children face today”

 – Sandra Ingerman – Foreword,Natural Born Shamans

A Natural Born Shaman sharing his work: 

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