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INTRODUCTION TO SEIDR & NORSE SHAMANISM – Northern European Wisdom Traditions   

5 Day Residential  Course
March 5-March 9, 2019 

Pendle Hill, Wallingford, Pennsylvania  

A 5 -day intensive Introduction to Seidr and Norse Shamanic Traditions

Do you hear your ancestors calling you?  Or feel a longing in the blood to connect with that lineage?

This workshop covers Seidr and the larger field of spiritual and mystical traditions of Norse Shamanism  – the  ancestral pathways and spiritual wisdom teachings of Northern Europe.

The material is presented in traditional ways, closely following ancient texts – The Eddas –  and old Scandinavian traditions and folklore.

This workshop is a prerequisite to the 2-year Norse Shamanism practitioner training to begin in Sweden in 2019 and in the United States in March 2020.
Here is additional information about the introductory workshop.

In this course, we will explore:

  • Yggdrasil and the inhabitants of the Nine Worlds

  • The Norse sagas and myths

  • The Web of Wyrd – Urd’s web

  • Creating your own set of runes

  • Trolldom – a brief look at spells and traditional magical workings

  • Shapeshifting and berserking – the anatomy of soul viewed through the Old Norse lens

  • Galder – the magical power of song and speech

  • Blot – ceremonial offerings; the roles of priests and priestesses

  • The Wisdom or Knowledge competitions in the Eddas

  • The Norse Gods and Goddesses

  • The role of humans in the Norse cosmology

  • Teachings of Tyr and Odin – the concept of the Spiritual Warrior

  • Divination and prophecy

  • A High Seat ceremony using a traditional Scandinavian version as conducted in local communities

Contact Susan Rossi – msrossi@comcast.net – for additional information. Registration information and materials are here.

This course will be repeated in the U.S. from November 5-9, 2019.  (Non-residential; location TBD)

Watch Imelda’s art video about the Healing Mountain of Lyfjaberg and the Nine Maidens who live there:


Imelda Almqvist is a shamanic painter, teacher, practitioner and author who divides her time between London, UK and Södermanland, Sweden. Her paintings can be found in collections all over the world.

She is the author of NATURAL BORN SHAMANS, A Spiritual Toolkit for Life (Using shamanism creatively with young people of all ages).

Her second book, SACRED ART, A Hollow Bone for Spirit: Where Shamanism Meets Art will be published by Moon Books in early December of 2018. See it here

Imelda is passionate about teaching Norse Shamanism and Seidr. Her school in Sweden is called TRUE NORTH and is situated in pristine forest land by the Baltic Sea. The 2-year Norse Shamanism practitioner program will begin in Sweden in 2019 and in the U.S in March 2020.

Imelda was a presenter on the Shamanism Global Summit with The Shift Network in  2016 and 2017. She is also a presenter on Year of Ceremony in 2018 with Sounds True in Colorado.


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