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Frau Holle

A Sacred Art Retreat intensive
with Imelda Almqvist and Susan Rossi

5 Day Residential  Course
November 12-16, 2019 

Pendle Hill, Wallingford, Pennsylvania  

 Registration is now open – only a few spaces remain.  

Between November and early January each year, we enter what many traditions in the Northern Hemisphere deem a “Thin Time” or time of Thin Veil when our ability to sense the unseen worlds heightens. That keening sound we hear in the howling wind is the Wild Hunt riding out, sweeping up in its ranks the Dead as well as the Living who cross its path.


Does the riding out of this Wild Host presage only a time of catastrophe and death, or does it hold within it the seed of regeneration?

Is there a great cosmic clearing away that occurs?

What did it mean to our ancestors in the Northern and Western European traditions?

What does it mean for our understanding of the cycle of creation, loss and regeneration today?

What is our relationship to the Forces of Chaos and Destruction – how can we work closely with those powerful forces in midwifing processes of rebirth on Earth?

In this course, we will work with ceremony, ritual, journeying and art process to explore:

  • the mythology and cultural origins of The Wild Hunt and its relevance to our own life’s journey

  • the power of The Wild Hunt as a tool for change

  • the forces of chaos and their potential and their cosmic gifts

  • what happens when Life draws back into the taproot and everything around us appears to die?

  • What is the role of loss and destruction in the creative process?

  • the cycles of Life and Death, creation and destruction

  • correspondences between The Wild Hunt and esoteric beliefs and ancient divination systems – the Runes and Astrology- engaging the transformational myths and energies of Scorpio, Aries, Uranus, Mars and Pluto as they relate to the Wild Hunt

  • the twinned mysteries of Samhain and Beltane, the relationship between death, ecstasy, and creation

  • And more….

Contact Susan Rossi – msrossi@comcast.net – for additional information. Registration information and materials are here.

Read Imelda’s new book about Sacred Art and Shamanism:

Sacred Art Book image

Watch Imelda’s art video about The Wild Hunt of Frau Holle and Her Heimchen:

Imelda Almqvist is a shamanic painter, teacher, practitioner and author who divides her time between London UK, Sweden and the U.S. Her paintings can be found in collections all over the world. She is the author of NATURAL BORN SHAMANS, A Spiritual Toolkit for Life (Using shamanism creatively with young people of all ages). Her second book, SACRED ART, A Hollow Bone for Spirit: Where Shamanism Meets Art was published by Moon Books on 29 March 2019
Imelda’s sacred art courses take place in the fertile space where art meets shamanism. They have a strong Mystery School aspect: the focus is on engaging in fresh and innovative ways with ancient material and wisdom traditions to create powerful art work, ceremonies and Rites of Passage. She is a presenter on Year of Ceremony for Sounds True and on the Shamanism Global Summit with The Shift Network.
(Art videos on Youtube Channel)


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