Soul Retrieval 5-Day Intensive
October 8 – October 12, 2014

Pendle Hill Retreat Center
Wallingford Pennsylvania

Singing the Soul Home

Singing the Soul Home

Over the course of our lives, parts of our soul or life essence can leave us in order to remain safe in the face of trauma, shame or other “soul” injuries. As a result, we can experience illness, or feel blocked or less than we are fully capable of being.

Join us for this intensive training to explore the practice of Soul Retrieval and the shaman’s role in singing the soul back home – journeying to find and restore soul parts to clients experiencing soul loss and wishing to feel whole again.

In this pivotal time on our planet, this beautiful practice allows clients to  experience the love, joy and wholeness that is their birthright.

 This training meets the Soul Retrieval requirement for Sandra Ingerman’s 2-year Teach Training Program beginning in April 2015

Taught by Susan Rossi and Cindy O’Connor

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Here’s a blog I wrote for The Red Thread Nation.  Thought you might enjoy it.  Check out at The Red Thread Nation at http://www.redthreadnation.com and join The Intentional Creativity Movement.

~ Susan

When I was a child, I knew what I knew – I could literally count the information I held as mine.

Lineage Pollinator

I knew 15 jokes, and I would tell them, counting to myself, so I wouldn’t forget them. I knew the name of every book I had read. My parents had names and siblings and parents of their own, and I learned our system of family relationship, repeating the names of all my living relatives in my prayers at night, holding them in the pattern. My world was solid, finite, which for a kid growing up in the city, was a good thing. It felt known and safe – if I could name its constituent parts, there would be no surprises, no upsets, no changes. Everything was in its right place, like a filing cabinet where I could put information away until I needed it, then go right to it.  “Mystery” was what my grandmother read in her Agatha Christie books. And mysteries always had solutions. All you had to do was follow  the proper clues to the information you needed and voila – you had the answer!  All the pieces in life fit perfectly, and I didn’t have to live with the tension of uncertainty.

Mystery began speaking to me when I was older, when my life was breaking into pieces. My certainty about how the universe works was in shreds. I was involved in a custody battle over my daughter and in danger of losing my home. Waking up in fear’s cold sweat, heart pounding, happened every night.

Except for one night.  I woke up hearing a voice saying, “We have never yet let you live in your car. Why do you think that will happen now?” This voice, this perspective, was not mine. Oh no, it definitely came from somewhere else. But it wasn’t scary. In fact, I felt  comforted – I had never had a thought like this before! But I knew I wasn’t crazy because of how my body felt – safe, protected. My perspective on was happening in my life radically shifted. And even stranger – what was actually happening in my life also radically shifted. One day, when I was walking to work to save transit money, I found a $20 bill on the sidewalk. No one was in sight! That weekend, I found a pack of transit tokens in an old purse I had put away. REALLY? I began to feel like I was cared for, watched over. And I got that this care and love was being purposefully communicated to me in a way I could understand.  It wasn’t abstract – I could feel its presence.

Present to Mystery
Present to Mystery

I have had other experiences of Mystery speaking to me over the years. And the communications come in forms other than voices. Once, it was a wave of Love like nothing I have ever felt before or since moving through me, assuring me that, no matter what happened, everything would be all right. I realized later that this wave was letting me know that one of my beloveds, given 3 months to live, was cured. But I also knew that even if the cure did not happen, that was also perfect, because this Love was always present with us. Another time, Mystery showed itself when I opened my eyes during a ceremony and saw the lines of light that connected all the life forms in the room, like a true web of life.

These communications are precious gifts. They are glimpses into layers beyond our “form” world. It is as if the flat chessboard on which we are pieces opens up to the 3-dimensional chess played in Star Trek. We become aware of the infinite levels of existence and how intricate the interrelationships are.  There are so many more pieces in play on the 3-D board. On the Mystery Tour, I have a sense of invisible realms working with us, holding us.

                                                “…certainty is the booby prize.” – Caroline Casey

I understand Mystery as the field of all potential possibilities – in other words, Creator.  And when I invite Mystery in, I begin to see the invisible connection between me and everything else that I cannot see when I am looking at the flat chessboard.  I can see patterns of connection to different possibilities, outcomes I had not considered.

True surrender is the Knowing that there are possibilities I cannot see, patterns I don’t understand – and may never understand.  Some things cannot be understood nor explained.  And when I can live with the tension of uncertainty, I know the mystery play is unfolding in ways I cannot begin to imagine.  And then I live in wonder, rather than uncertainty.


In our Color of Woman work, Shiloh speaks of “alchemical consciousness.” For me, alchemical consciousness is the practice of shifting perspective, of knowing that these other layers of consciousness exist and that we can see them and access them, if we shift how we interact with the world of form. Surrendering certainty about how events “should” unfold in the form world is key, in my experience. The need to own information, to count what I know and store it safely because it explains how the world works, gets in the way of dancing with Mystery. It’s only when I surrender information and data, when I inhabit uncertainty, when I have no idea how to move next and am willing to wait, that Mystery – Magic – infuses the form world of my life and opens access to the Unseen.  I don’t even know what the question is, just that I don’t know.  Connections become apparent, new possibilities show up, miracles happen. When I surrender my authority and become the Fool of the Tarot, and then invite partnership with the Great Unknown, I move into place of the Magician.68px-RWS_Tarot_01_Magician

Our Red Thread Nation work with intentional creativity is one way of inviting Mystery to infuse our lives and to bring us its gifts, to open us to the Sacred Dimensions pervading our 3-dimensional world. When we create in sacred space, shifting consciousness to a place of inquiry with the intention to connect to that which is bigger than we are, our work communicates that energy and intention to those who see it.  Our paintings contain and transmit the energy of this dance with Mystery and its gifts to us. The paintings are points, portals, where power and Grace have entered the world of form, where human and Creator have met. To paraphrase Caroline Casey, who reports the Mythic News, as humans, we are myth and image – seeking beings.  To see and understand the depth and multiplicity in patterns is to be able to see in layers of meanings – to understand symbol and metaphor.  The Greek roots of “metaphor” mean “to bear” and “tocarry across.”   The images, symbols and colors present in our paintings are feeding us and everyone who sees them, at the soul level and bringing through the Unseen in ways that we cannot explain.

Bridging Worlds (in progress)
Bridging Worlds (in progress)

” Metaphor is the incarnational garb through which power enters the world.”
– Caroline Casey

I often feel afraid when I stand in front of a blank canvas. I know I am extending the invitation, I know the Dance is about to begin. I certainly don’t know what will happen, what will show up. I do know that at some point the images will become alive and will enter into the Dance with me. Then the fear becomes an ecstatic feeling, a surrender to wherever the Dance wants to go. The ecstatic dance is not always joyful. It can be painful and full of tears, but it is always a Dance of power and grace.  Unlike Agatha Christie’s mysteries, there are often no definite answers, because the Dance goes on as long as I am willing to continue.  I want to see what happens next, how the next act of  the Mystery Play will unfold, where the Mystery Tour will take me.  And no matter how scary or suspenseful,  I know that I am loved and cared for and held tenderly by the Mystery.

Susan Rossi

Susan Rossi is a Practitioner of Shamanic Arts, Wake-Up Artist and Guide to the Way In at Flying to the Heart. She works with people seeking to creatively travel the sacred path into the Heart of What Matters Most.  Her core belief is that each of us holds inside the seeds of creativity, healing and transformation. Each of us holds a sacred story wanting expression. Her passion is helping clients and students discover how to nurture themselves in the garden of possibilities, to align with their unique purpose and calling, and to shine their own brilliance and beauty in the world.  She uses traditional and contemporary shamanic work and the process of intentional creativity with clients to bring transformation, healing stories and symbols into their lives.

This journey is not for the faint of heart.  It requires the willingness to  look deeply at what can seem impossible or frightening to change. It calls up the courage to paint the images of connection and write the healing stories that reshape lives, relationships, families and communities. Setting out on the journey awakens the ability to author the future we want to create. It is Susan’s privilege to be your creative collaborator and guide.

Susan is a passionate long-time explorer of mystery and metaphor and the relationship between mind, body and spirit.  She has a shamanic practice working with clients, students and apprentices, and has studied with Sandra Ingerman, Betsy Bergstrom, the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and indigenous healers, teachers and mystics for 20 years. She has explored painting, poetry and musecraft with Visionary Artist Shiloh Sophia McCloud and Poet Caron McCloud and is a certified teacher of the Color of Woman Method.  She is a hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, reflexologist and yoga teacher.

Why We Make Art

Paulus Berensohn on being part of the flow of Life, and “singing up the Earth.”


Amelia final




Call her, invoke her, cajole her – and there she is, flying in the window like Peter Pan, strutting down the runway in red leather boots, drinking tea in the garden, soaking in a hot tub filled with lavender, definitely eating chocolate – opening our inner eyes to the rich symbols and gifts we carry.

 Our Muses love to lead us (or sometimes drop-kick us) out of the holes we dig with our self criticism and connect us with the Wild Heart of our limitless creative potential.

 Join other Soul-full women to meet the Muse as ally and unlock the Wild Heart of creativity.

 We’ll work with a visionary process created by Shiloh McCloud to bring the Muse into her fabulous form.

No painting experience necessary,I promise!

You will leave with a painting you created and connection to your creative vision.


Painting supplies and light refreshments are included.  


JUNE 1, 2013




Please contact me at flyingtotheheart@gmail.com

or 856-216-1859 with questions. 


Early bird savings -$140 with registration by May 22, 2013. 
$175 with registration after May 22nd.  

$70 holds your place – non-refundable deposit payable at registration, the balance by
May 29, 2013



Listening Muse final



What lights you up?

What do you want to give to the world to in order to get your Self back?

Why are you here?


Join other Soul-full women on a vision quest

to discover how you want to show up in the world

We’ll work with a visionary process created by Shiloh McCloud and bring it into form in paint, glitter and magic on a paper altar that anchors the vision for us.

No painting experience necessary, I promise!

You can use the process for yourself or with your clients!

A Soul Work Lab and Red Thread Circle

with Susan Rossi

Sunday, April 28, 2013 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

19 N. Centre St. Merchantville NJ 08109

Cost is $90 with registration by April 11, 2013, $110 thereafter. Painting supplies and light refreshments are included.

Please email me at flyingtotheheart@gmail.com or call 856-216-1859 to reserve your spot.  $40 non-refundable deposit payable at registration, the balance by April 23, 2013.

Shiloh Sophia McCloud, visionary artist, presented the images in the slideshow below to the United Nations on March 4th as part of panel discussion of how the arts can help women hurt by violence to heal. I have studied painting images of the feminine with Shiloh for the last two years and have learned to teach her Color of Woman Method, as have the other women whose work is featured in the slide show. It is very powerful work – both to create and to view! Here’s link to Shiloh’s notes for the speech she gave while the slide show played, describing her experience with healing through visual art and poetry. http://ourladyoftheredthread.com/2013/03/19/my-talk-at-the-united-nations/
Enjoy these beautiful images!

Soul Fire Collection from the Color of Woman from Shiloh Sophia McCloud on Vimeo.

Know yourself mosaic. Kathy Casper

Kathy Casper, “Know Thyself”


As life slowly returns to the black and white landscape, call back home the pieces of your soul that have gone missing, bring them into form and sing over them.

Breathe life back into the dead and frozen places, the places that feel empty.

Restore color to your Soul as we anticipate the return of SPRING.

What do you want to animate and bring back to vitality in the terrain of your life?

Explore your relationship to art as a spiritual practice.

No painting experience necessary, I promise!

We will sit in Red Thread Circle, call back home the pieces of our souls that are missing, and sing over them as Clarissa Pinkola Estes describes in Women Who Run With the Wolves, then paint the Bone Mother and the healing images and symbols she restores to us.

March 16, 2013, 10 AM TO 6 PM
Susan Rossi
Location: Earth Tones, 19 N. Centre St., Merchantville NJ 08109
Cost: $140 with paid registration by March 6, 2013. $175 thereafter. Includes supplies (canvas, paint, brushes) and light refreshments.
This workshop is limited to 7 Legendary, Soul-full Women. It is based on the Color of Woman method created by Shiloh McCloud, Visionary Artist.

Please email me at flyingtotheheart@gmail.com or call 856-216-1859 to confirm your spot. $50 non-refundable deposit payable at registration, the balance by March 12, 2013.

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